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My transformation from 14-22. From skinny, weak and low self esteem - to strong, muscular and confident

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Hi, I am Thomas!

I am a Norwegian fitness coach and I help people lose fat without ever gaining it back.

My philosophy is all about sustainability and what works best for you. Every individual is different and therefore everything needs to be tailored towards their specific goals and needs.

That said, there some general principles you need to follow. Losing fat and creating new habits take time. We're not looking for the quickest and easiest way out...


We're looking for the one that allows you to lose fat while being flexible and enjoying your life. That's how you'll be able to lose fat and keep it off! Isn't that what you want?

While working with me you will:

  • Learn how to lose fat while enjoying your life

  • Create a better relationship with food and exercise

  • Create long-lasting habits that allows you to keep your weight off (for good)

  • Feel that you're working towards a purpose and something that means a lot to you

  • Experience an increase in muscle mass, strength and a better health - both physically and mentally

You will NOT:

  • Have to spend another day on a miserable diet again

  • Have to waste your time and money on quick fixes that don't work

  • Have to go through all the pain and frustration that comes with yo-yo dieting

  • Have to waste your time jumping from diet to diet, trying to figure out what works


Working with me will lead to a reduction in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass. It will make you sexy, strong and confident! On top of that, it will boost your physical and your mental health.

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Education & Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer - SAFE Education, Norway

  • Certified Henselmans PT - Menno Henselmans Online PT Course

  • Power Trainer - SAFE Education, Norway

  • Current study: Bachelors degree in Public Health

Let's connect!

I'm always looking for new and exciting people to work with. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email - or fill out my application form if you're interested in how I can help you with yout fitness goals!