Perhaps you'd finally like to learn how YOU can lose fat without giving up your favorite foods, without any form of guilt, and without ever gaining it back...

There's only one problem.

You don’t know where to start.

After all, don't you just need to hire a coach to do that?


Well, sure, if you’ve got a lot of money to burn.

Typically, you’d have to spend 400-500$/month for a decent coach.

That’s a lot of money. And most people can’t afford that!

Fortunately, there's an easier way.

And it’s not going to cost you a fortune!

Inside my academy, I will teach you how to melt that stubborn body fat without giving up your favorite foods and drinks!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Custom macro calculator

  • Step by step fat loss guide

  • Sample meal plans

  • Training programs (both home & gym)

  • Exclusive tools to track and evaluate your progress

  • Tips & tricks to help you lose fat

  • 24/7 access to me via our community

It's like having your own personal trainer, in your pocket, 24/7!


Without spending a fortune!


But don't just take my word for it...


Have a look at how I've helped people lose fat without giving up their favorite foods in the past:

Monica 12 uker (forfra) (1) (1).png
Christina 8 uker forfra (1) (1).png
Viktorija - 43 weeks (2) (1).png
Kopi av Kopi av Kopi av Før_etter bilde

Maybe even after seeing this, you're still on the fence.


That's OK.

You could ignore this and continue...

... wasting your time, trying to do this on your own

.... trying to create your own diet and training program (trust me, that's hard unless you are a professional)

... spinning your wheels and dieting for the next decade

... potentially getting some results, but eventually gaining all your weight back

Or, for just $25/month, you could join my academy and learn …

  • The simple formula to sustainable fat loss

  • How to lose fat without giving up your favorite foods

  • How to lose fat without ever gaining it back


25$/month is ridiculously cheap compared to all the content you get access to ...

It's currently less than 1$/day, but it's not gonna stay like that forever!

So... if you're ready to lose fat, all without giving up your favorite foods ...


You NEED to take advantage of this offer RIGHT NOW!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

To help make your decision easier, I can assure you that your purchase is backed by my 30 day money-back guarantee.


If you decide to join Thoresen Fitness Academy I want you to give it a fair shot. Read the start-up guide, follow the fat loss guide, run some of the workouts and engage in our community.

If you at anytime during the first 30 days are not happy, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.


While I can't guarantee that you're going to see results in just a week from now, I can guarantee that you will lose fat within those 30 days, if you follow my advice and stay consistent.

The way I see it, you've got nothing to lose.


Literally nothing to lose.

You either don't like it, something I highly doubt.


But if that's the case, you'll get your money back...

Or you love it, and you learn how to lose fat without giving up your favorite foods!

I hope to see you on the inside,

- Thomas