1:1 Coaching Client

Waist circumference down 10 cm in 6 months.

"Before I hired Thomas I was feeling like I needed someone to help me get stronger and support me through a fitness program. I knew I didn’t want to be weighing myself or counting calories and Thomas was such a great fit.

My breakthrough was… “things aren’t going to be perfect”. Life happens and we can’t look at things as black/white or good/bad. Thomas really helped support me in moving forward and offering whatever support I needed.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their strength and health. Thomas knew I wasn’t into calorie counting or weighing and he was 100% supportive in that. He never made me feel badly about myself.

He was always kind and very encouraging. He pushed me to challenge myself in my workouts by adding reps/weights which I wouldn’t have known to do on my own. If I had a bad day he would build me up and offer some suggestions on what I could do differently. It was so fresh working with him, he’s a great coach who is knowledgeable and passionate about his work."