1:1 Coaching Client

Waist circumference down 5 cm in just 4 weeks!

"Before I hired Thomas I was struggling with yo-yo dieting and not knowing exactly what to eat or how to calculate my calories intake to loose fat, not just weight, which I didn't know the difference back then.

My breakthrough was when I realized that I have to eat way more than I did before only as whole food with lots of protein. Which gradually contributed to my general health, hair and nails and mood swings. What really matters I guess is the motivating difference in look rather than the scale.

I would recommend this for people struggle with dieting randomly with no permanent results or real fat loss. Those who are really stuck and only need to modify their meals to see the actual results without any deprivation. It's also for those who are committed to make a lifestyle change. Because it's not dieting, it's just improving your eating and activity habits."