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4 weeks

Weight down 4,1 kg

Waist down 5,5 cm

Before I hired Thomas my mentality towards food was very consuming. I thought and worried about it all day. Eating excessive amounts of “forbidden foods” and hating myself for it. His philosophy and approach to coaching and weight loss has completely turned that around for me.

My breakthrough was food freedom. Not obsessing, not restricting, just living. All the day to day goals he set helped me move past my unhealthy habits.

I would recommend this for anyone who needs to be set straight with exercise and nutrition, even when you think you know the answers, Thomas helps you to apply them to real life.

- Chloe

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12 weeks

Weight down 9 kg

Waist down 20,5 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was very unhappy with my body and lifestyle. I had no knowledge and I was insecure in everything I did. I also felt that I couldn’t get results, even though I was active and ate "normal" food. I was drained of energy and everything that had to do with diet and exercise felt extremely hard. I was motivated to make a change, but I didn’t have the knowledge to get started.

My breakthrough was when I learned that I could eat the food I enjoy and still get results. I learned that I could treat myself every now and then, and that you don’t need to follow a strict diet to get results. I also realized how small tweaks and adjustments to my diet were enough to turn things around. Not to mention the fact that I felt like I was training right and with a purpose to improve my own body. I got stronger every week and training became more fun.


I would recommend this to anyone who has the motivation to make a change, but who lacks the knowledge. To everyone who’s not looking for a quick fix, but who want to make changes in their lives. To those who wants to enjoy healthy food, but not give up their favorite foods completely.

- Monica

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6 months

Waist down 10 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was feeling like I needed someone to help me get stronger and support me through a fitness program. I knew I didn’t want to be weighing myself or counting calories and Thomas was such a great fit. 

My breakthrough was… “things aren’t going to be perfect”. Life happens and we can’t look at things as black/white or good/bad. Thomas really helped support me in moving forward and offering whatever support I needed. 

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their strength and health. Thomas knew I wasn’t into calorie counting or weighing and he was 100% supportive in that. He never made me feel badly about myself.


He was always kind and very encouraging. He pushed me to challenge myself in my workouts by adding reps/weights which I wouldn’t have known to do on my own. If I had a bad day he would build me up and offer some suggestions on what I could do differently. It was so fresh working with him, he’s a great coach who is knowledgeable and passionate about his work.


- Jeanette

Julia 6 weeks.png

4 weeks

Weight down 1,6 kg

Waist down 7,8 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was struggling to find a balance in my life. I was either on a strict diet or binge eating.


My breakthrough was being able to eat, what I would call ‘naughty’ foods, daily and still lose weight.

I would recommend this for anyone that needs someone to hold them accountable and someone who just needs someone to talk to and make you feel comfortable in your health journey.

- Julia

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8 weeks

Weight down 2 kg

Waist down 8 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was in a hopeless cycle with my weight gain and dieting. I had spent the last decade trying desperately to get back to a confident weight and healthy lifestyle, including exercise which I used to love to do, but due to many years of trying to use quick fixes and extreme measures found myself at square one over and over again. I had a terrible relationship with food and had pretty much given up.

My breakthrough was when Thomas helped me correct my mindset around food and allowed myself to eat without anxiety and enjoy my favourite foods in moderation, and not have such an extreme approach, which I learned was unsustainable and led me to cycles I was previously stuck in.

I started eating fruit again which I hadn’t done in years and found a healthy balance and approach to feeding my body nutritious food while treating myself with control and not fear. The fact that I was losing centimetres off my waist while enjoying my regime came as a huge shock and encouraging surprise to me.

I would recommend this for anyone who has “tried everything” and is not getting anywhere, and feels like they’ve lost hope in reaching their goals. Especially busy mums who find it difficult to manage their time as Thomas really customised my plan to suit my life, taking everything into consideration which made me feel very supported and understood.

Thomas has definitely pulled me out of a funk that I was stuck in and I would encourage anyone to collaborate with him!"

- Christina

Viktorija - 43 weeks (2) (1).png

10 months

Weight down 7 kg

Waist down 16,5 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was trying to lose weight on my own, where I actually failed several times and I thought that losing weight was impossible for me. When I hired Thomas, I saw changes and I started loving the weightloss process. I basically saw a light at the end of tunnel.

My breakthrough was the well balanced and planned diet, which was very well explained to me by Thomas. In fact it didn’t have any restrictions, only a well planned calorie deficit.

I would recommend this to anyone. Definitely those who would like to change something in their lives. I will definitely spread a good word about Thomas' services.

- Viktorija

12 weeks

Weight down 1,6 kg

Waist down 9 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was just about to start my journey in the gym with a large amount of fat which I wanted to lose.


He gave me the experience and knowledge I needed as a base for the start of my transformation and that I can carry on using my whole life.


I would recommend this for anyone who is starting a diet or someone who has no knowledge about the flexible diet and other nutrition facts. ​

- Fares

Kopi av Kopi av Kopi av Før_etter bilde
Kopi av Kopi av Kopi av Før_etter bilde

4 weeks

Waist down 5 cm

Before I hired Thomas I was struggling with yo-yo dieting and not knowing exactly what to eat or how to calculate my calories intake to loose fat, not just weight, which I didn't know the difference back then.

My breakthrough was when I realized that I have to eat way more than I did before only as whole food with lots of protein. Which gradually contributed to my general health, hair and nails and mood swings. What really matters I guess is the motivating difference in look rather than the scale.

I would recommend this for people struggle with dieting randomly with no permanent results or real fat loss. Those who are really stuck and only need to modify their meals to see the actual results without any deprivation. It's also for those who are committed to make a lifestyle change. Because it's not dieting, it's just improving your eating and activity habits.

- Noor